For years, parents, coaches, and politicians complained about our recreational system.  And despite a number of studies being paid for by Parish Government over two decades, nothing ever really changed.

In 2016, realizing that that the Bayou Country Sports Park (BCSP) was not progressing as announced, the Houma-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Infrastructure & Economic Development Committee invited Rec Dist 2-3 Chairman Gary Beeson to give an update.  It quickly became apparent that major issues threatened the project.

A BCSP Task Force was formed in 2016 and the group quickly began examining the BCSP while also studying the parks, systems, and funding in other areas.  It soon became apparent that our system generated a significant revenue stream yet did not appear to have the same quality programs and facilities of other areas.  The committee changed its name from the "BCSP Task Force" to the "Task Force on Recreation".  Through its research, the Task Force began discussing ideas and a timeline to bring some findings before Parish leaders.

In July of 2017, as the Task Force was working on its key points, the Parish Council began discussing issues regarding recreation oversight and formed an Advisory Committee.  The Chamber was asked to have a representative and the group met for the first time on July 25, 2017.  Soon thereafter, The Chamber held a press conference to discuss its findings and the need for financial reforms for the recreational system.

Sadly, when the Parish Council formed the Advisory Committee, it neglected to invite any representatives of the current 11 recreational districts to participate.  Rightfully so, they felt left out of the process.  So on August 9, 2017, when the Council met to vote on their new ideas for district oversight, Rec District Board Members were there to oppose the measure.  The measure was tabled.

On September 13, 2017, the oversight ordinance (now only for Rec Dist 11) was back up in front of the Parish Council, but this time members of the business community were there to support reform efforts, not simply the ordinance.  After hours of debate, the oversight ordinance failed.

Two weeks later, news regarding issues within Rec District 2-3 surfaced and an oversight ordinance (now for all Rec Districts) was reintroduced by the Council.  This time, the measure passed.

Additional news stories regarding issues and alleged improprieties within the recreational system have surfaced.  Some changes have been made (Rec 2-3's entire Board was replaced, audits are being conducted, and TPR's Director has resigned).  Positive reform efforts have been a result.

However, many of the underlying financial issues raised in The Chamber's initial presentation have not been addressed.  Although The Chamber was a catalyst for the current changes, Rec Reform for Terrebonne moves beyond The Chamber to be its own coalition for recreational change.

As you can see, numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals have stated that they are in support of changes to our recreational system (either structurally, financially, or both).  Rec Reform for Terrebonne plans to keep this issue in the Parish's consciousness and educate people with as much information as possible.

Ultimately, our tax dollars are the people's money.  And the decisions for change should rest in the people's hands.  Thank you for visiting the site and educating yourself.  We hope that you will sign-up and join the movement!

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